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Disc Golf Is So Much More Than A Walk In The Park

In 2011 I was unable to wear contacts any longer and was forced to wear glasses, I thought that the end of my competitive physical activity had come until I was introduced to Disc Golf. I could no longer play basketball due to fear of breaking my glasses, again, or really any team sports that involved contact. But I craved competition.

I fell in love with Disc Golf the second time I played it. I know that sounds kind of funny, but the truth often is.

A couple of friends, Seth Garrow and Steve Gray were headed out for a round of disc and invited me to come to play. Not knowing how to throw very well from the get-go was challenging. So challenging that I had to go back.

I could only throw a disc straight up into the air about 100 feet from where I stood, what a predicament to be in. I wasn’t used to being challenged by a frisbee!

Like many stories about this wonderful sport, I quickly became addicted to the sound of the chains.


The perfect flight was all I could think of.


I began to breathe Disc Golf, it captivated me in a way nothing short of a new relationship ever had. You could find me all around Maine visiting new courses and playing in tournaments hosted by local clubs and tours. I was in it.

Before I get ahead of myself though, the second round I played will still go down in infamy. I grabbed my brand new tye-dyed Innova Firebird and ripped it straight into a tree. Why didn’t it go as far as the intended flight path described? My curious mind was perplexed. It says here on the chart that this disc should go 300 feet! Well, herein lies why Disc Golf is good for the soul; you will be challenged not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too.

It wasn’t long until I had bought 100 discs from all different manufacturers, playing at every waking moment. I needed more though. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t introduced to this when I was a child.

I love Disc Golf, I’ll talk your ear off about Paul McBeth and his ability to throw 500-foot drives right into Circle Two. Then slam the putt into the chains with what looks like minimal effort.

Circle Two Disc Golf is named after the putting circles that we use to measure distance for our putting greens. The Circle as it is referred to speaks to the 10 meters or 33 feet surrounding the basket, Circle Two then refers to the next 10 meters or 33 feet.


To truly be good at this game you must be good at putting. If you want to beat the best, you must beat them from Circle Two and in.


My ultimate goal is to get Disc Golf into every school in the state of Maine. I believe that with the support of the surrounding communities this will happen faster than I ever thought possible. I am committed to changing the way we view the sport as a whole, from a group of friends playing a casual round, local weekly tournaments to help newer players improve faster, schools competing in new rivalries, to bringing the best in the world to the greater Bangor Area.

I will change the way we view disc golf in Maine and hopefully beyond. Here’s to growing the sport, one putt at a time.


Be You At Circle Two


– Andrew Kahl Owner/Operator